Recruitment and Communications Committee staff


+ Quantity: 01

+ Work location: Hanoi

+ JOB Description

Master strategy for the construction, development of images, brand position for corporations and member units in each stage.

Monitor and control brand Image Corporation

Regulation management, brand identity applies to corporations and projects

Controlling and approving images/information of corporations and projects before being issued externally, ensuring brand standards

Base on the overall strategy approved, develop blueprint for each stage and propose appropriate adjustments according to reality

Participate in implementing and controlling a phased plan deployment process.
Management and training of staff in the department.

+ Request

Specialization: Marketing, media

Experience: Minimum 5 years in the field of communication – brand


Set up a brand strategy
Evaluation, positioning, description of brand position
Presentations, presentations
Connecting, working with related units
HR Management and Orientation


+ Quantity: 01

+ Work location: Hanoi

+ JOB Description

Management of the Online Marketing system of the corporation effectively operates on the basis of optimizing database resources, information

Build and directly implement the digital marketing plan, social media strategy to align with the overall Marketing strategy

Collecting, analyzing market information, information about products, information about Digital Marketing programs, Social Media of competitors.

Implementing Digital Marketing, Social Media items according to the approved plan, ensuring timely work, budget, right orientation

Coordination of online communications implementation/monitoring and crisis detection

Use the media Tracker to regularly report/analyze the effectiveness of the brand/project communication, coordinate with the brand and communications office and related units to improve communication efficiency on online channels.

Management, training STAFF in the Department

+ Request

Specialization: not limited to majors

Experience: At least 3 years experience in the field of digial marketing, social media. Master, knowledge of digital marketing tools.


+ Quantity: 01

+ Work location: Hanoi

+ JOB Description

Designing media publications that serve sales Marketing activities

Design publications to serve the branding and joint activities of the corporation and its projects

Support for taking photos at internal events

+ Request

Major: Graphic Design industries

Experience: Graphic design, priority experience in real estate field design.


Using the Software Design

Creative Possibilities

Good aesthetic

Time management skills, personal work

Teamwork Skills

Shooting skills, movie rendering is the advantage


+ Quantity: 03

+ Work location: Hanoi

+ JOB Description

Implementing online and offline marketing jobs (event, content, market research, internal communication,…) by Job allocation

Suggest ideas and plans for campaigns to maximise your campaign goals

Connect with contractor units, control operations, and evaluate implementation of contractor work

Evaluate performance after each campaign

Submit Weekly Job Progress reports

+ Request

Specialization: Priority in marketing, communication, business Administration, language

Experience: At least 1 year of experience in marketing, communication


Implementing job categories in the Marketing field

Time Management and personal planning

Creative ability, Idea suggestions

Handling situations


Proficiency in Office information skills (Word/Excel/Power Point)


Salary competition: Based on experience, time of work, ability to meet job requirements, personal capacity, level of work complexity, employees will be considered appropriate adjustment of salary.

Other relevant modes as prescribed by the labor law.

Support lunch at the office.

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