Recruitment of maintenance staff still operating the building


+ WORKING LOCATION : Operating high-class apartment building at 201 Minh Khai – Hanoi

+ WORK DESCRIPTION : Operating technical systems (heavy power systems, light electricity, ventilation, pccc, water supply, water filtration systems, wastewater treatment …) , fully record the parameters and regularly monitor the operation of the system. Performing the maintenance and maintenance of the technical system as planned. Perform full compliance with technical requirements and equipment safety, precise technical manipulation. Handling and repairing incidents arising in the best way, minimizing incidents arising due to subjective causes and overcoming defects of the system. Coordinate work with other departments, support supervision of relevant contractors. Strictly implementing regulations on labor safety, fire protection. Report to the Team Leader, Chief Engineer on problems in operation and process of handling arising tasks. Receiving and answering technical issues from residents, customers, supporting other fishes as assigned by the Team Leader, Chief Engineer.


Level: Graduated from the regular University of Foreign Trade, Foreign Affairs, Economic and Commercial Schools. Foreign Languages: English is good at reading and writing .

+ BENEFITS ARE ENTITLED Competitive salary, based on time of work, ability to meet job requirements, personal capacity, level of work complexity, employees will be considered to adjust the appropriate salary. Working in a dynamic environment, there are many opportunities for advancement and improvement of professional and professional qualifications. To enjoy the regime of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and other welfare regimes of the Corporation and the law. Lunch support at the office. Content of maintenance staff operating the building.

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