Import and export of CaCO3 powder

Import and export of CaCO3 powder

In the market of supplying stone powder, CaCO3 powder products of Vietnam TA contributed a large proportion in the market share worldwide. Many partner companies from countries in the world are steadily looking to Vietnam as one of the most stable and high-quality production sites.

One of the major partners of the company from Bangladesh, he is the collaborative distributor of stone powders in this market has over 10 years. The friendworks that have been with him for long periods of cooperation have spoken all about the efficiency, quality stability as well as the output that the unit provides to him. Large orders are still delivered every month each quarter, contributing to the success and prosperity of all two companies, as well as related partners.

Other partners of from India also have a great interest in Vietnamese rock flour products. Annually, has consistently supplied large quantities of goods to Indian partners, as well as welcoming many new partners from India set the issue of cooperation in supplying long-term stone powders.

What makes trusted by these partners and long term cooperation?

The answer is that since is a large number of supply units that meet the needs of customers, the product is always available so it is not too dependent on the weather or the progress of delivery folded. In addition, as a pioneer, constantly improve the improvement of modern machinery equipment, fully meet the types of rock flour products. List of more than 40 different types of stone flour products, meeting distinct requirements of domestic and foreign customers.