CaCO3 Powder

CaCO3 Powder

CaCO3 stone powder, also known as calcium carbonate rock powder is one of the additives, common materials for many industries such as in the production of animal feed, poultry, in paint production, in processing aquaculture, in paper production, toothpaste production, in manufacturing plaster powder …

CaCO3 stone powder is produced in many areas in the territory of Vietnam. However, large production is mainly from northern Vietnam with many types of CaCO3 stone powder.

Bot da
Ban Bot da
With CaCO3 powder, depending on the content of ingredients as well as depending on the whiteness, the smoothness that the application of CaCO3 powder can differ. With the industry requires strict quality such as in the manufacture of toothpaste or in the production of high-grade type one, requiring CaCO3 powder to be processed through modern processes and inspected by the quality of the output in a strict manner Reap. To produce this kind of CaCO3 powder product, requires the factory to invest in modern and expensive technology lines. Currently the number of factories can meet this type of CaCO3 powder is not really much in Vietnam, and therefore the demand for this type of products is relatively high, especially in the manufacture of toothpaste.

With other manufacturing industries such as: feed production, animal feed or in shrimp dam treatment, CaCO3 powder products, calcium carbonate bot is generally not demanding in terms of content as well as whiteness. However, in order to obtain the best output output, the majority of factories still hill the product’s uniform and product size.

Viet Nam is still in the process of deep and wide integration with the market industry, the products are raw materials of production is still a big concern of industrial factories, CaCO3 powder is one of the products raw materials That’s it.

Our CaCO3 powder products are mined directly from high-quality mines in Vietnam, and are manufactured using advanced technology that is invested in sync, ensuring uniform in size Guarantee of whiteness as well as strict requirements of customers. Our reputation and quality of CaCO3 powder has been confirmed for many years.