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About Us - VNT7

Nhat Thang Joint Stock Company VNT7 has been filled since 2006, the main production and business industry of the company is processing carbonate products (CaCO3), including non-white ultrafine powder and acid coated powder. fat, particle size corresponding to D97. Products have been produced to many countries such as India, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Bangladesh, …

The product is widely used in the industries of producing paints, plastics, high-grade paper, rubber, ceramics, artificial marble, animal husbandry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals … Other types of products are processed from white limestone mines such as coarse grains, macadam, crushed stones.

Nhat Thang VNT7 Joint Stock Company under Vitracimex Construction Trading Joint Stock Company, is a leading oil and gas enterprise in the field of processing and exporting superfine limestone (CaCO3) powder, uncoated and coated. Stearic acid in Vietnam. The company has the most advanced production technology of super-fine white stone and enamel coated powder designed, manufactured and installed by Hosokawa Alpine-Germany, with a design capacity of 490,000 tons / year, with The total area is 11.14 hectares located in Nam Cam industry, Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province. The factory has a very convenient location for storing specialized products by road, rail and sea (5km from Cua Lo port, 6km from Quan Hang train station, 17km from Vinh airport and 2km National highway).

With the aim of placing the company’s prestige and top quality products, the Company always focuses on improving the machine equipment, strictly managing the production stages, constantly improving the level of the team. workers, management team. Step by step bringing the company’s products more and more to meet the demands of the domestic market as well as bringing VNT’s brand name to the international market.

Company address: No. 201 Minh Khai, Minh Khai Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Factory address: Zone C, Nam Cam Nghi Loc Industrial Park, Nghe An
Hotline: 098 167 2112